Paint 3 art21 Videos

View art21 Barry McGee & Margaret Kilgallen (Project #1)
View art21 Arturo Herrera (Project #2)
View art21 Susan Rothenberg (Project #3)
View art21 Rackstraw Downes (Project #4)

Video Response (collect an image & write a response to featured art21 artist)

Ø  find & post your favorite piece by featured artist.
Ø  site image source info: website, title of work, medium used, etc

Respond to one or more prompts from the list below:
Ø  one part of the video that you found interesting or inspiring.
Ø  how this artist will or will not influence your work.
Ø  the style you feel this artist works in.
Ø  compare/contrast this artist to others.
Ø  your thoughts on the artist’s work.  Do you like it or dislike it and why?

Ø  what you think this artist’s work is about?  What’s the message? 

Student Sample:

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