Know Your Composition

Want to take better photos?
Want to develop an "artist's eye"?
Want to make your drawings, designs, and paintings more dynamic?

View presentation of different composition types/formats

What is composition?
Compos/ition: Compose - to arrange or design visual elements on a picture plane.
Com/position: Position - placement or location of visual elements.

Focal Point/Center of Interest - the most dominant element in the picture plane.  Where do your eyes look first?  That's the focal point.  A composition may have more than one focal point, but they are always carefully positioned with the viewer in mind.

Always remember that art is communication.  You can control how your audience looks at your work.  You can bring them in with an eye pleasing composition using well-placed focal points and directional elements to keep them looking throughout the entire picture plane.

Ask yourself...
What will be the best way to show my idea?
What will be the most interesting point of view?
Will it look better on a horizontal or vertical format?  How about a square?

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